Workshop Descriptions

Scroll down the page to find complete descriptions of the workshops offered this year at the Expo!

This year is our 24th year for the Expo. We have a great lineup of instructors with some highly qualified and experienced new folks who are doing a workshop at the Expo for the first time. We believe our Expo is unique for the Northern Rockies and Northwest because our workshops are inexpensive and provide hands-on instruction.

These workshops are generally for a maximum of 10 people, are very educational and highly intensive. Most years the workshops fill up prior to the Expo starting, so pre-registering is highly recommended. We are proud to offer our workshops at a very affordable rate, making instruction from some top notch fly fishers possible for everyone.

For the tying workshops students need to bring, at a minimum, their tying tools and their thread. Instructors will supply all the necessary materials except thread. Please check the descriptions for other requirements.

For the beginning fly casting workshops, if you have a rod and reel please bring them, otherwise for those without equipment we will supply the rods and reels. For the intermediate fly casting workshop please bring your rod and reel. The casting workshops will be outdoors so dress accordingly, which should include warm clothing and a rain jacket. Boots and Waders also needed for spey casting

The Women’s Fly Fishing Clinic will be held next door to the Shilo Inn Convention Center at the Sandpiper Restaurant. You will be outside casting, so dress accordingly. Lunch will be included.



Women’s Workshops


Women’s Introduction to Fly Tying

Friday April 21st 9:00 am – 12:00 pm – $35

Location – Lounge


This workshop is for ladies who are interested in “what is it about tying those silly flies?” You will learn from top female tiers from across the country. We’ll cover the basic tools and materials needed to get started and in this four-hour workshop you will learn how to tie a few simple patterns that do catch fish. Come join the fun with other women with similar interests. Tools will be supplied, however if you have tools please bring them.



Women’s Fly Fishing Clinic

Saturday April 22nd 8:30 am – 3:30 pm – $60

Location – Sandpiper Restaurant – Lunch Included

This workshop will be outdoors. Please wear appropriate clothing. Bring rain jacket.


This workshop will be a day-long workshop for ladies who want to learn the basic skills involved in successful fly fishing or to improve their skills to the intermediate level. We will cover equipment, knots, and learning to cast. Rods and reels will be provided if needed. The ladies who teach this workshop have been fly fishing, guiding and teaching for many years and bring an approach that is uniquely suited to the needs of women who want to learn or improve their fly fishing skills. You will be outside casting, so dress accordingly with warm clothing and rain jacket. Lunch will be included.




Tying Workshops


The Pompadour Salmon Fly for Advanced Tiers with Steven Fernandez*

Cost: $35 Thursday April 20th 5:30pm -9:30pm

Location – Jimmy’s All Seasons Anglers

Please bring tools and thread. Maximum 8 students. For Advanced Tiers.


We are very lucky to have Steven Fernandez back to do a workshop for advanced tiers at the Expo. This workshop will be special and will featuring the Pompadour Salmon Fly with and aim of helping the tier move through progressively more challenging techniques in precision tying. For those of you who consider yourselves to be accomplished tiers but still have plenty of room for advanced techniques, this class is a definite must. Please bring your tying tools, vise, magnification if needed, and your light. Materials will be supplied by the Steven.


Steven Fernandez, one of the most renowned fly tiers in the world, who is unmatched in tying Classic Trout Flies, Atlantic Salmon and Catskill Style Flies, will share his knowledge and expertise. In Steven’s workshop students will have the chance to learn from a true master, the art of tying the classic trout fly. A word of caution, this workshop will be very intensive and is intended for fly tiers with advanced skills.


Steven Fernandez has been tying flies for over 40 years and started tying professionally at the age 13. By his sixteenth year he was demonstrating and teaching fly tying locally and then nationally. By 17, he was featured in the April 1977 edition of Field and Stream. While pursuing an architecture degree in the 1980′s, he challenged the notion of artistic salmon flies by tying flies on straightened out hooks with atypical materials and techniques, raising a few eyebrows in the process. Judith Dunham included him in her book The Atlantic Salmon Fly, The Tyers and Their Art ( 1991), which helped lead to international demonstrations, classes, and feature articles. Currently Steven is the Fly Tying Co-Director for the Southwest Council of the FFF and also received the prestigious FFF Buz Buszek Memorial Award in 2012. We invite you to attend Steven’s workshop for a truly unmatched and unique fly tying experience.


Unbelievably Effective and Unique Streamer Patterns for SE Idaho and SW Montana with Matt McHargue

Cost: $35 Friday April 21st 8:15am – 12:00pm

Location – Temple View Room

Please Bring Tools and Thread


Matt McHargue is one of our local boys who has done well. His father, Terry McHargue, is a well know fly fisherman and fly tier in SE Idaho and Matt has followed in his footsteps. Matt has demonstrated his fly tying skills at the various fly shops in southeastern Idaho and been regular at fly tying expos throughout the northwest. Matt has started his own fly company, Fly Labz, that specializes in highly effective streamer patterns, many of which are tied using dear hair for the heads. Matt’s company, Fly Labz, has had a long affiliation with Cutthroat Leaders, the Idaho company that specializes in furled leaders.


Many folks consider Matt’s streamers to be the go to streamer in their fly box. The action in the water simply needs to be seen to be believed. His streamer patterns simply work. Well known patterns include the ‘Rusty Nail’ and the ‘White Buffalo’. Please come and join Matt and tie some very effective and innovative streamers


Blue Ribbon Flies New and Highly Effective Flies for the Greater Yellowstone Area and Beyond with Bucky McCormick

Cost: $35 Friday April 21st 8:15am – 12:00pm

Location – Executive Board Room

6 Students Only – Please bring tools and thread.


Blue Ribbon Fly Shop in West Yellowstone is arguably the premier fly shop for developing new and innovated flies for the waters in and around the Rocky Mountains. Patterns developed by Blue Ribbon Flies are numerous and include the X-Caddis and the ever famous Sparkle Dun, just to name a few. Blue Ribbon Flies has also pioneered the use of many of the new materials, such as Zelon, that have become ever more popular in the fly tying world. Bucky McCormick who has been instrumental in this revolution of fly tying innovation will share some of his favorite patterns that have been tried and true for the waters in and around Yellowstone Park and the greater Rocky Mountains. So please join Bucky for a unique opportunity to learn from one of the best and most innovative tiers in the fly tying world.


Bucky McCormick has been associated with Blue Ribbon Flies for many years and, along with Craig Mathews, has developed many innovative and effective patterns for both inside the Park and the surrounding Rocky Mountain area. He has also been a guest tier on Craig Mathew’s tying DVDs including Fly Tying Yellowstone Hatches Vol. II which features 33 of the latest most effective fly patterns to fish the selective waters of the Yellowstone area. These patterns are so effective they are used extensively throughout the world if you can find them. Bucky will be sharing the tying methods of some of these flies and others in this class. You can also visit Bucky at Blue Ribbon Flies in West Yellowstone (



A Beginner’s Introduction to the Wonderful World of Fly Tying with Buck Goodrich

Cost: $60 Friday April 21st 9:00am – 4:00pm (Lunch from 12:00pm to 1:00pm)

Location – VIP Room

Tools will be provided for students with no tools. Materials and notes will be provided. This workshop includes lunch – Maximum 8 students

This year Buck will bring his highly effective teaching skills to the beginning fly tier. This workshop is specifically targeted to those folks who have never tied a fly but would like to learn. You can bring your own tools but if you don’t have any the tools will be provided. If you have wanted to try tying flies but have been unsure how to start this is the perfect workshop for you. Buck has been helping folks learn to tie for over four decades and has developed a unique and highly approachable style for those with little or no experience at a vise. Please join Buck and learn from the one of the most skillful and experience fly tiers in the world. This class has a comprehensive set of notes that includes sections on entomology and equipment. in addition to instructions for tying many useful flies.




Introduction to Thread Control and Materials Handling with Wayne Luallen*

Cost: $35 Friday April 21st 1:00pm – 4:45pm

Location – Executive Board Room

Please bring tools and thread. Maximum 8 students

Experienced Tiers only. Please Bring Fly Tying Tools and Thread (Include Extra Hackle Pliers and Extra Bobbin)


Wayne Luallen is coming back again this year. Wayne is one of the most recognized and sought fly tiers in the world and we are lucky to have him come to the Expo. This is a techniques workshop concentrating on understanding “how” and “why” rather than the tying of specific patterns. Wayne takes you through understanding why materials respond in different ways, how you can use different thread control techniques to gain greater control over your materials, and how to select materials that may be better suited for your specific application at hand. This workshop is for people with tying experience looking for improving their techniques, this workshop is NOT for beginners.


Wayne has tied most every type of fly he could get in his vise since 1974. He has taught and demonstrated at numerous fly tying and fishing events world wide since 1980 and his work has been published in several magazines and books. Wayne also received the prestigious FFF Buszek Memorial award in 1991 for international fly tying excellence. So if you are interested in learning some very valuable generic skills that will elevate your fly tying to a new level you should not miss this workshop


The Wonderful World of Tube Flies Made Easy – Amazing Flies for Big Fish with Bruce Berry

Cost: $35 for the workshop

Saturday April 22nd 8:15am – 12:00pm

Location – Executive Board Room

Please bring tools and thread. Mandrel Required – Mandrels Available to Purchase at Workshop


For many years now, tube flies have been a big part of fly fishing. Though most popular in Europe, tube flies have proven their value for trophy trout, large salmon in both the Atlantic and Pacific, as well as many salt water gamefish species. But why use a tube fly? It is easy to change flies, weights and hooks. You can land more fish. The shorter shank makes it tougher for fish to throw the hook. Tube flies are extremely reusable and adaptable. Bruce Berry is one of the best to tie and teach tube flies in the world. Mandrels will be available for purchase at $10. These are mandrels that Bruce has requested for the workshop


Bruce has been fly fishing since he was a youngster in Oregon. He tied commercially through his teen years for Pacific Fly Works, Kaufmann’s and The Fly Fisher’s Place in Sisters, OR. Bruce has traveled extensively for the companies he represents which include Montana Fly Company, Beulah Fly Rods, Hatch Reels, Pro Sportfisher and Trouthunter. He is also an accomplished spey caster and has taught spey classes and demonstrated tube flies at Spey Nation, Muskegon River Spey Clave, Sandy River Spey Clave, Rogue River Spey Days, and the Albany Fly Tying and Fishing Expo, Jimmy’s All Seasons Angler and others along with a multitude of one on one and group spey and tying classes.





The Complete Guide to Tying and Fishing Cripples and Emergers with Scott Sanchez*

Cost: $35 Saturday April 22nd 8:15am – 12:00pm

Location – Lounge

Please bring tools and thread.


You are fishing the hatch and you think you’ve imitated the duns perfectly but you’re having no luck. Then you find out that the trout are feeding on cripples and emergers. It turns out that trout love cripple and emergers and in many cases preferring them over the duns. And someone who has perfected tying and fishing cripples and emergers is Scott Sanchez. If you really want to improve your fishing during a hatch you must attend this workshop. Come and join Scott as he shares some of his favorite and innovative techniques for cripples and emergers.


Scott is regarded as one of the country’s most innovative fly tiers, with his tying sessions providing entertainment for all. Scott has been teaching fly tying since the early age of 14 and has been working in the industry for the last twenty years tying flies commercially, guiding, helping with video productions, writing articles, and serving as the fly tying editor for Fly Fisherman magazine. In 2010 he won the coveted FFF Buz Buszek Memorial Fly Tying Award. Scott is fishing manager and fly tying guru for High Country Outfitters in Jackson Wyoming (, which features many of his effective and unique flies. His Double Bunny has won the prestigious One Fly Contest three times.


Highly Effective Trout Flies for Montana and the Rocky Mountain Region with Satoshi Yamamoto

Cost: $35 Saturday April 22nd 8:15am – 12:00pm

Location – VIP Board Room


Students Need to Bring Tools and Thread


Satoshi cut his teeth on spring creeks. These include the famous Depuy’s, Armstrong and Nelson spring creeks near Livingstone in the Paradise Valley of the fabled Yellowstone River. From spring creeks to the Rockies, Satoshi has branched out and now has developed a significant array of flies that work well through the west. And Satoshi, even though young in years has developed a reputation as a master guide, fly fisher and fly tier, having developed a number of very effective patterns. Come join Satoshi’s workshop for the fly tying ride of a lifetime and not only learn about spring creeks but the full menu of waters in the west and beyond.


Satoshi grew up in Japan. When asked how he came to Montana his answer was “I always wanted to be a cowboy”. In 2000 Satoshi was accepted into the graduate program at Montana State University, Bozeman where he received his MS degree in Reproductive Physiology & Genetics for Beef Cattle and also started fly fishing. He became a cowboy and pursued his career as a breeder/technician of artificial insemination. He took jobs in Nevada, California, and Washington and continued to fly fish and tie flies. He moved to Livingstone in 2010 where he build a reputation as an excellent tier and guide for southwest Montana and especially the Livingstone/Paradise Valley spring creeks. His first original pattern “Coyoted Pheasant Soft Hackle” achieved world-wide recognition and he now submits innovative patterns to Montana Fly Company. Other flies can be seen at Fly Anglers OnLine. You can find out more about Satoshi’s guide and fly tying services as Lefty Anglers and Flies (



Tying Small Flies with Wayne Luallen*

This is an advanced tying class

Cost: $35 Saturday April 22nd 12:00pm – 4:45pm

Location – Executive Board Room

Please bring tools and thread. Maximum 8 students


We have a real treat at this year’s Expo. Wayne Luallen has not taught this class for six years so this is a rare opportunity to learn from one of the very best about tying very deadly and very small flies. Wayne will be sharing the secrets to scale and proportion that make tying flies 18 and smaller a snap. You will find that tying smaller flies is, in many cases, actually easier than larger ones because you can get away with simpler creations. The workshop will cover everything from nymphs to drys in nothing larger than an 18 including those ever present midges the trout love but most tiers dread.


Wayne has tied most every type of fly imaginable since sitting down at his vise in 1974. He has taught and demonstrated at numerous fly tying and fishing events worldwide since 1980 and his work has been published in many magazines and books. Wayne also received the prestigious FFF Buszek Memorial Award in 1991. Wayne is the tier that other famous tiers want to learn from. So if you are interested in learning a host of very valuable skills that will elevate your fly tying to a new level Wayne Luallen’s workshop should not be missed.


The Amazing Arizona Semi-Seal Dubbing – For Streamer, Leaches, Crawdads, Nymphs and Other Flies…It’s the Best! With John Rohmer

Cost: $35 Saturday April 21st 1:00pm – 4:45pm Location: VIP Board Room

Please bring tools and thread.


Master fly tier and inventor, John Rohmer, may have just stumbled on the single most versatile fish-catching blend of material that is known world-wide as Simi Seal. The material is a course blend of medium-length fibers of secret origin, created using a custom-built multi-stage blending machine that is secretly located in the basement of an undisclosed warehouse somewhere in the central part of the Arizona Sonoran Desert.


Simi Seal is the exclusive material used to tie the world-famous Simi Seal Leech. This material can also be used in a variety of dubbing applications, from nymph patterns to medium-sized streamers. The coarse fibers produce a bushy dubbing that can be used to build large bodies, or it can be vigorously brushed out and trimmed or left long.


Flies tied with Simi Seal have produced fish for anglers in waters all over the world. It works great on just about every species of fish that can be found in Arizona.


John previously was part owner of AZ Fly Fishing. A long time Arizonan, he has been fishing Arizona’s waters for over 45 years. He is currently actively involved and serves as the president of a new non-profit organization, the White Mountain Lakes Foundation. This foundation was formed for the sole purpose of improving the trout fishing waters of the White Mountains of Arizona. His knowledge of the state’s cold and warm water fisheries has proven helpful to many fishers that


seek advice on our local fishing. His book, AZ Trout Streams and their Hatches, which he co-wrote with Charles Meck, has been a guideline for beginner and advanced fishers plying our waters for trout. He has been in the flyfishing industry since 1983 either as a contract tyer, a guide, a shop owner or now as a fly designer and fulltime manufacturer of fly tying materials. A contract tier for Riverborn Flies, his flies and materials are sold all over the world and are some of the more popular flies used in Arizona’s bass and trout waters. John now runs an online retail business selling his flies and materials at

*Buszek Winners

Casting Workshops


Beginning Fly Casting with Bob Jacklin

Cost: $35 Friday April 21st 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Location – Lounge

Rods and reels will be available for those with no equipment. This workshop will be outdoors. Please wear appropriate clothing.


This workshop is for the beginner caster or as a review for the intermediate caster. The goal of the class is to provide students with a solid foundation of the casting mechanics. The workshop will introduce casting fundamentals covering the pick-up lay down cast, the false cast, and the roll cast.


Bob moved to the Montana area in the mid-60’s and by 1970 was a full time guide and fly fishing instructor in West Yellowstone. In 1974 Bob began his own outfitting and fishing business, Jacklin’s Fly Shop in West Yellowstone and this year celebrates his thirty-ninth consecutive year as a fly fishing guide and outfitter. Truly a comprehensive fisherman, Bob has toured and lectured extensively on all aspects of our sport. Bob is a certified fly casting instructor with the American Casting Association and a master certified fly casting instructor with the Federation of Fly Fishers, and a member of the FFF fly casting board of governors. Bob is also a member of the St. Croix rod company advisory team and the Ross Reel pro staff. Additionally he was the principal instructor for nearly ten years with the landmark Fenwick Fly Fishing Schools. Please join Bob and learn from the one of the most skillful fishermen to cast a fly. Rods and reels will be available for those with no equipment. This workshop will be outdoors. Please wear appropriate clothing. Visit Bob Jacklin’s Fly Shop in West Yellowstone (


Beginning Fly Casting with John Rivera

Cost $35 Saturday April 22nd 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Location – Lounge

Rods and reels will be available for those with no equipment. This workshop will be outdoors. Please wear appropriate clothing.


This workshop is for the beginner caster or as a review for the intermediate caster. The goal of the class is to provide students with a good foundation of the casting mechanics. The workshop will introduce casting fundamentals covering the pick-up lay down cast, the false cast, the roll cast and mending. John Rivera is a certified casting instructor with the International Federation of Fly Fishers and has taught casting workshops both in California and Idaho. He is well known for his ability to teach beginners and has a reputation for being a gracious and patient instructor. Please join John for a truly unique experience in learning to fly cast.


John Rivera grew up in the town of Gilroy California. He attended the University of California, Berkley where he met his wife, Fabia Fuenzalida who was born and raised in Santiago Chile. John earned his degree in anthropology but then went on to post graduate study in print technology. It was in this field that he spent the next 20 years earning a living. Most of his career was spent in central California in Sacramento and Emeryville. It was here that John took up fly fishing and began his lifelong passion of fly rod building. It was in California that John and Fabia started their fly rod building business, The Fly Rod Company (, before moving to Idaho Falls three years ago. John is a highly accomplished rod builder, but his true love is the construction of extremely high quality bamboo rods. John is a certified casting instructor with the International Federation of Fly Fishers and has taught casting workshops both in California and Idaho. Fabia is an accomplished fly fisher in her own right. She earned her BA degree from UC Berkley in languages, linguistics and art history and a Master of Education from Harvard University in Cambridge MA. Fabia is multilingual speaking English, Spanish and French.Rods and reels will be available for those with no equipment. This workshop will be outdoors. Please wear appropriate clothing.



Introduction to Spey Casting

Cost $35 Saturday April 22nd 1:00pm – 4:00pm Location: Lounge

This workshop will be outdoors. Bring waders and wading Boots and appropriate outside clothing. Please bring your spey rod if you have one.


If you would like to expand your fly fishing experience into the world of Spey casting, this workshop is your entry ticket. This workshop will provide you with the proper starting point to launch your new casting career. In this workshop you will learn the mechanics behind the unique Spey cast and how to use it to expand your presentation to new lengths in tough casting positions. Please come and sign-up for this workshop and learn or improve your Spey casting from one of the most accomplished in the Spey casting world.




Fishing Workshops


Modern Nymph Fishing with Devin Olsen

Cost: $35 Friday April 21st 1:00pm – 4:45pm

Location – Board Room #2

Please Bring Tying Tools and Thread


Devin Olsen will be teaching the first ever combination workshop at the Expo. The workshop will include instruction on how to fish using modern (Czech) nymphing techniques. There will also be a tying workshop showing students how to tie the very effective European nymphs. In addition there will be instructions on how to set up your equipment for modern nymph fishing. In order to learn about all aspects of Modern Nymph Fishing this workshop is a must.

Devin started fly fishing at age 9. He never forget his first day catching a cutthroat on an ant in the first meadow of the famed Slough Creek in Yellowstone on a hand-me-down fiberglass 7 weight! That day started an addiction to fly fishing. When Devin fished against Lance Egan and Ryan Barnes in the former Outdoor Life Network’s Fly Fishing Master’s in 2004, he knew he had to find a way to compete in the sport he loved. It was serendipitous that Devin worked with both these anglers a year later after they had made Fly Fishing Team USA. Devin fished in his first regional and made the team in 2006. Devin’s obsession has brought dedication, which has helped him to have competitive success domestically and abroad. The year 2016 marked the 8th consecutive berth as an angler for Fly Fishing Team USA in the 36th Fips Mouche World Fly Fishing Championships in Vail, Colorado. The year prior in Bosnia Devin was incredibly fortunate to finish with the individual bronze medal and even more fortunate to have been a part of the squad that won the first team medal (a silver) for the USA at a world fly fishing championship. In 2016 the team followed that feat with a team bronze. Fly fishing competitions have exposed Devin to tactics and techniques from incredible teammates and fellow fly anglers from across the globe.

Away from competitive fishing, fish have sculpted his professional life as well. He hold a bachelor’s degree in ecology and a master’s degree in fisheries science and currently work for the Nez Perce Tribe Department of Fisheries Resource Management as a salmon and steelhead biologist in Joseph, Oregon. Devin hopes to share what he learned at this workshop to make you a better angler. Please come and join Devin for an invaluable lesson on Modern Nymph Fishing.



Introduction to Fly Fishing with Tim Woodard

Cost: $35 Saturday April 22nd 8:15am – 12:00pm

Location – Board Room #2


For those of you who are new to the sport of fly fishing this is the workshop for you. This workshop is a 4-hour introductory crash course to the sport of fly fishing. Tim will cover how to select your first fly fishing outfit, show you some basic fly fishing knots, provide some information on the insects (entomology) that trout love to eat, and show you some flies to imitate them. In addition to these basics to get you started, Tim will also suggest some local areas around Idaho Falls to try out your new skills. As an added bonus, students who take this class will automatically be signed for a one year membership for the Snake River Cutthroats fly fishing club. You will receive the club newsletter during the winter month and have access to the outings, dinners and picnics that the club runs during the year. Being in the club also brings you in contact with many of the finest fly fishers in southeast Idaho.

Tim Woodard has spent many years chasing fish in and around the local Idaho area. He was a full time guide on the South Fork of the Snake River for 8 years. He also worked for East Idaho’s premiere fly shop in Idaho Falls, Jimmy’s All Seasons Angler. Tim has a passion for teaching all levels of anglers, especially beginners on how to catch fish with a fly rod. He has spent many hours teaching fly fishing, casting and fly tying workshops. Tim loves sharing the enjoyment of the sport of fly fishing with others. Currently, Tim resides with his family in Victor, ID and works as a Banker in Jackson, WY. Tim also enjoys bird hunting with his dog Moose, spending time at Grand Targhee skiing with his Family and anything that involves being outside in the Mountains.


*Buszek Award Recipient